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Open Calls

The European Liberal Forum is looking for an agency to develop a new ELF website. The ELF website is one of the most important communications vehicles of the organization. It is the window for all our activities, Secretariat and MO combined, and it needs to provide easy and attractive access to the multitude of activities carried out by the organization.
The agency needs to provide:

  1. thorough and experienced account management to navigate the brief in detail, audit the needs of different units, research and analyse state of the art examples of similar sector players, and propose comprehensive solutions for the website structure, functionalities, and user-friendliness
  2. team of UX designers and developers to restructure the content and improve UX and user-friendliness and improve graphic design
  3. in-contract coverage for support, analytics and timely responsiveness.

Despite a recent revamp, the increase in the organizational portfolio has created an urgent need for restructuring the website’s content and interface in a clear, accessible manner. Recent data shows very high bounce rates (over 70%), which means that users are leaving the website as soon as they arrive. The key pillars of this restructure will be:

  • Showcasing ELF’s mission, vision and complete portfolio (research, projects and events) in a clear, impactful manner.
  • Improving the cross-referencing within the website, based on preferences and recommendations, in order to increase user retention.
  • Promoting ELF timely activities with Call-To-Actions, with the objective to increase engagement.

Apart from the restructuring work, we require a support and maintenance contract to ensure timely support and minimize additional costs for a number of essential website functions (analytics, reparation of glitches, new plugins etc).

Desired features

  • Document management system for the publications
  • Integration of audiovisual content and third party platforms
  • Searching capability through all the content (incl. documents) of the website
  • Uniformity of visual items (pictures, covers…) depending on their category
  • Improved SEO
  • User guide

Who we are
The European Liberal Forum (ELF) is the official think tank and political foundation of the European Liberal Party, the ALDE Party.
Together with 47 member organisations we work all over Europe to bring new ideas into the political debate, to provide a platform for discussion and to enable citizens to make their voices heard.


  • Tender: 13-27 January
  • Awarding: Early February
  • Strategic audit and proposals: Up to 15 February
  • Feedback rounds: Up to end of February
  • Implementation: March
  • Delivery of new website: April


The European Liberal Forum calls for a designer agency to develop a clear set of visual guidelines to correspond to the complexity of logos, outputs, projects and overall visual demands from the Secretariat and its members.

We need a professional designer to guide us in putting together the right visual guidelines which are streamlined to serve the ELF brand, while respective the multiplicity and decentralized nature of its MOs and projects.

ELF has a very limited set of visual guidelines, resulting in a fragmented and unclear external presence. By streamlining visual elements and elevating the look and feel of its main outputs (from reports to graphic elements), ELF’s presence will be drastically improved and save time and budget when developing any new materials.


  • Establish a clear ELF visual brand
  • Provide harmonized look and feel across platforms and products
  • Support MOs in developing own materials based on ELF guidelines
  • Improve credibility of the organization to external partners

The output of this project will be:

  • A clear ELF concept of visual language (elements which should be transferable for all ELF communications products).
  • An extensive booklet with detailed flexible templates for all kinds of visuals (from print to digital), they will encompass all our activities and substantially professionalise the look and feel of the organization. Such templates and guidelines should include (list not exhaustive):
  • ELF Secretariat discussion papers
  • ELF Secretariat publications
  • ELF Secretariat policy factsheets (one-pagers)
  • ELF Secretariat blogpost series (logos and SoMe visuals), limited series of articles, ad hoc campaigns
  • ELF Secretariat event invitations/programmes
  • ELF Member Organisations event invitations/programmes
  • Briefings & Internal documents
  • ELF Secretariat flyers/banners/posters/ any other promotional material
  • ELF Secretariat formal documents such as Annual Reports
  • ELF Secretariat social media posts for publications, events, quotes etc.
  • ELF video intro/outro, banners, goodies etc.
  • Steamlined, revamped logos for all ELF products (currently stemming from different designers with a fragmented result).
  • Guidelines on how to use the ELF logo, the motto, the disclaimers and all other admin elements necessary.
  • Consolidated palette of colours (based on info we have), graphic elements, fonts.

For Member organisations
The European Liberal Forum has 46 member organisations, all with their own distinct visual identities and branding. We would like to find flexible branding solutions, which respect the decentralized branding nature of our MOs, but at the same time offer a harmonized look and feel for events, publications and other activities/products (videos, podcasts, infographics) supported by ELF.
These flexible branding solutions can be:

  • in the form of general branding suggestions (please see the existing guidelines for MOs)
  • in the form of strong recommendations for the contents (e.g. unifying the content of publications to ensure readability)
  • in the form of blended visuals for the covers and social media visuals (ELF elements/templates with space for other visuals to also be integrated)
    The contractor will also be requested to go through ELF publications, highlight and accentuate best practices and offer clear advice to MOs.


Who we are?
The European Liberal Forum (ELF) is the official think tank and political foundation of the European Liberal Party, the ALDE Party. Together with 46 member organisations we work all over Europe to bring new ideas into the political debate, to provide a platform for discussion and to enable citizens to make their voices heard.

What we are looking for?
For the participants to our activities (training, seminars…) and stakeholders, we seek to renew our line of goodies. We want people to be enthusiast to show our logo in combination with our branding – through powerful messages.

Though ELF does not have an official motto, we use the phrase “Connecting European with Liberal Values/Ideas” as reference. Alternative proposals and guidance are much welcome.
The design proposed shall make appear our logo, our full name and a message in a minimalistic yet slick design.

We are looking for a company to assist us in the conception and production of a goodies-driven campaign around such message. It must put forward both our logo and full name.
We expect to produce items such as coasters, pens, facemasks, camera blockers, card holders, thermocups, Moleskine-type notepads, phone stands, bike seat covers…

Any suggestions for additional items would be also welcome. We expect from 200-500 copies for each item.
This company will also coordinate production, printing, and finally delivery of goodies to the ELF HQ in Brussels. The company will need to deliver high-quality, sustainable items, and ensure maximum quality of all aspects of concept, production (printing) and delivery.


About the job

The European Liberal Forum asbl (ELF), the political foundation of the ALDE Party, is Recruiting a interim Communication Manager to join its secretariat in Brussels.

ELF is the political foundation of the ALDE Party. Together with 46 member organisations, it works all over Europe to bring new liberal ideas into the political debate, to provide a platform for discussion and to enable citizens to make their voices heard. Through its activities, it promotes a free, open and future-oriented liberal Europe.

The position is a maternity leave covering six months (February – July 2021).

Communication Manager


  • Coordinate the implementation of tactical communications (external and internal newsletters, social media, website update, reoccurring events);
  • Oversee the implementation of a new website and new branding strategy, in support of the Communications and Digital Officer;
  • Manage paid and earned press relations in coordination with respective unit strategies;
  • Develop and implement proactive campaigns and dissemination plans in support of ELF’s products;
  • Support communications requests (regarding strategy, design, content and outreach) stemming from ELF units;
  • Handle supplier relations for ELF secretariat and support MO communications outputs;
  • Actively develop new ELF communications products;
  • Manage the ELF Communications calendar and a team of two: Communications and Digital Officer and Communications intern;
  • Monitor internal KPIs for outreach and impact, reporting to the Executive Director and providing documents for board meetings and general assemblies;



  • Advanced degree in Communication, Journalism, or equivalent;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Professional experience in communication of at least 4 years;
  • Experience in the creation of content for and maintenance of websites and social networks;
  • Experienced in project management focusing on communications, coordinating teams and setting clear deadlines and objectives for others to follow
  • Fluent English. Knowledge of French and/or German an asset;
  • Experience in the European media and/or PR environment;
  • Able to multitask and prioritise own workload;
  • Able to communicate effectively with internal stakeholder teams and efficiently manage and solve any challenges that arise;
  • Affinity for liberal ideas.


Our offer

ELF is offering a six month contract with extra-legal benefits under Belgian labour law with a competitive negotiable salary, depending on experience

Ideal starting date: 12th February 2021



Please send your application, including your CV, cover letter and availability to start, by Friday 29th January 2019, 12:00 PM (noon), to the attention of Daniel Kaddik, ELF Executive Director.