Remembering Lord Dahrendorf’s 90th Anniversary

On 1 May 1929, Lord Ralf Dahrendorf was born in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout his political career, he was known as a strong believer in freedom and supporter of the European project. In his many functions he championed liberal democracy and European integration.

The European Liberal Forum initiated a series of roundtables named after Lord Dahrendorf. By doing so, ELF wishes to underline his achievements. His wide experience combining science and politics provided an excellent background to his activity in the German Parliament for the liberal Free Democratic Party, as European Commissioner, as member of the British House of Lords and as Chairman of the Board of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (1982-1987).

During his four years in Brussels (1970 – 1974), Lord Dahrendorf was responsible for the European Community‘s Foreign Relations and Trade, and later for Research, Science and Education. As Commissioner he was a sharp critic of European Union bureaucracy while he was passionately in favour of a European Parliament exercising greater power.

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Picture: J. H. Darchinger.
Usage rights: Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation

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