In the first half of the 21st century, human civilisation is faced with an unprecedented test. It is confronted by a rolling catastrophe of its own making. Climate change caused by systemic pollution and a steady rise in carbon dioxide levels will, in our very own lifetime, alter every aspect of our existence and disrupt natural and social systems with an unparalleled effect on life as we live it. There is a lot that must be done to mitigate, to adapt and to reverse.

This publication offers focused information on two fields—social and circular economy—that together can play an important role in a shift towards a sustainable, fairer and more democratic European Union. By introducing social enterprises to the circular economy, we can strengthen the benefits of both and create new multiplier effects. To combine social values taking into consideration communities, democratic decision-making and investing for the common good while following the path of the circular economy.


Anastasia Costantini – Diesis

David P. Ellerman – Institute for Economic Democracy

Tej Gonza – Institute for Economic Democracy

Urša Zgojznik – Ecologists Without Borders Association

Felicita Medved – Novum Institute

Sebastjan Pikl – Novum Institute

Year: 2019



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