This publication is the result of an ELF seminar that brought together young liberals from all over Europe in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina end of July 2019. This two-day event in the heart of the Western Balkans was a great opportunity for the participants to reflect together on the future of the EU and bring their own perspective in the debate. Their contributions, therefore, bring together a rich mix of knowledge and experiences that tells a lot about Europe’s stories, past and current.

Their liberal perspectives reinforce our hope in a bright future and their innovative ideas contribute to paving the way following the European Elections that took place earlier in 2019.
The aim of this publication is to bring young Europeans’ visions of Europe to a broad set of actors. On the one hand, it seeks to spread these “visions” among the younger members of our society and especially in the LYMEC network of young liberals. On the other hand, it targets politicians and representatives at all levels- local, regional, national- but especially European. This work can also be of interest to other actors in the ELF network.

This ELF publication is a call for action from young liberals to their fellow politicians to shape a brighter future together for the next generations.

The essays present new ideas and concrete steps towards a liberal Europe: direct democracy, subsidiarity, enlargement, qualified majority, reform of the treaties … many of these concepts will shape the discussions in the coming months. As a matter of fact, these echo many of LYMEC’s core proposals such as institutional reforms, the crucial role of the Western Balkans and the importance of fighting climate change at the level of our Union. In this publication our young liberals proved that they are ready to feed decision-makers with their proposals!

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