Year: 2019

Authors: Gergő Papp, Matúš Mikšík, Jakub Chabik, Ondrej Gažovič, Kārlis Ralfs Lapiņš, Veronika Špalková, Anna Maria Trawińska, Milosz Hodun, Catinca Hanganu and Serban Marinescu

Central and Eastern Europe have captured the headlines in recent years. Reports from the “new Union” reverberated in the entire Community and far beyond it. Unfortunately, most reports were
regretful and even appalling. Chipping away at the foundations of democracy in Hungary. Attacks on the independent judiciary system and media freedom in Poland. Corruption scandals in Romania, the Czech Republic, and Latvia. Mafia networks in high-power positions discovered after the murder of a journalist in Slovakia… European leaders thought of the Visegrad Group as a Trojan horse that wishes to blow up the Union from within. More and more scathing comments appeared in the press calling the last enlargement a mistake. Many analyses rightfully concluded that the social and political transformation of Central and Eastern Europe had not ended and that it was a mistake to think of it as a closed chapter in the newest history of the continent.

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