Centre for Liberal Studies

The Centre for Liberal Studies was established in 1994 as a foundation and then re-established in 1999 as a civil society organisation. It is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit think tank. The main objectives of the CLS is to develop contacts between exponents of liberal thought, to contribute to clarifying the definition of liberalism and to define its place in contemporary society, and to apply this liberal approach to the political, economic and social transition of the Czech Republic.

Due to a historical absence of any stable Liberal political party in the Czech political landscape, the CLS, along with the Liberal Institute long remained the only promoters of liberal ideas in Czech society. The CLS is open to cooperation with all interested institutions, organisations and individuals.

CLS mainly works in the three following areas:

  • Policy advocacy in areas such as tax system reform, social insurance, rent deregulation, healthcare system reforms etc.
  • Education: Panel discussions, roundtables, conferences, awarding grants to undergraduates and graduates, sponsoring degree papers and translations
  • Cooperation with established experts (university teachers, scholars, government officers etc.( and with other think tanks such as Liberal Institute, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

In 2011, the CLS was actively involved in preparing the website 4liberty.eu, which serves as a platform for communication of liberal-oriented think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe towards media and decision-makers.


Address: Na Safrance 43, 101 00 Praha, Czech Republic

Phone:  +420 26 73 12 22 7, +420 26 73 11 91 0