The Developing Platform Economy: Innovation, Liability and Policy Challenges

Data-driven digital platforms have become a key organisational form of vast economic interest and
impact in contemporary societies. The platforms are having an increasing impact on most levels of
our daily lives, addressing both public and private sectors, disrupting or integrating in various
This calls for more scrutiny on what this platformization means for the conditions for innovation (big
v. small) as well as geopolitical and jurisdictional dependencies (EU v. USA v. China). How does
scalability and automation (AI & ML) relate to calls for transparency and accountability? What are the
new pressing consumer issues and policy-challenges?
This one-day workshop at Fores in Stockholm gathers researchers and experts in the field to
collaboratively pinpoint and address the most pressing aspects of the data-driven platform economy.
The workshop is part in a ELF-funded project which will be reported in November 2018 with texts
from the invited presenters. The intellectual contributions from workshop will highly contribute to
the report and included policy-recommendations.

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