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Regional Policy Network 2.0


The Regional Policy Network 2.0 (RPN) identifies and connects professionals in the policy cycle in order to comprehensively capacitate them in policy development, lobbying and communications, while also expand a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas on salient issues in Europe today. 


Regional Policy Network  – Policy Negotiations Simulation  

Speakers include:

  • Milosz Hodun, Vicepresident, ELF 
  • Martine Van Schoor, International officer, D66 
  • Goran Neralić, President, IEC 
  • Pauline Kastermans, Senior consultant, BTS  
  • Emil Kirjas, Consultant and Founder, Kirjas Global 
  • Sander Janssen, Trainer, Haya van Someren Foundation 

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ELF Event