Regional Academy for Liberalism

The programme of activities is aimed at training of trainers. Potential trainers include professionals, experts and practitioners in their respective fields of political work, who will be able to share their knowledge within their party organizations, foundations as well as participate in events in the region and beyond. In this regard, the Regional Academy programme will seek to empower local leaders and local organizations, enabling them to implement their own training programmes.

The training of trainers event in Skopje gathered current and future trainers, education department officers and scouting and talent management experts from Central and Southeast Europe. Training was given by Sander Jansen, VVD trainer and Marcella Heijboer, head of the talent management department at D66. The goal of the training was to facilitate a sharing of best practices in talent management and equip participants with knowledge and skills needed to plan and implement training programs of their own. The event was opened by Goran Neralić, president of the IEC and member of the ELF Board of Directors who presented the goal and objectives of the Regional Academy for Liberalism programme. Afterwards, trainers introduced the participants into the structure of the training program and instructed them into the first icebreaker of the training

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