RDR Liberal Response to the Populist Challenge “Quo Vadis Populism? An Assessment”

The populism of a certain kind is almost as old as politics. However, a new breed of a regenerated populist trend is sweeping Europe. Populist movements are gaining traction all around the continent posing a significant threat to the liberty and rule of law. So it is the primary task for defenders of liberty, peace, and prosperity to stand up for this challenge. This event will bring together prominent liberal opinion leaders and communicators from the hotbeds of Europe to identify the rising populist sentiment, its narratives, and common roots specifically in Europe and to share their best practices, know-how to be able to better equip themselves with a more coordinated and a consolidated liberal strategy to address the populist narratives. We aim this discussion to be the starting point for further group works to answer the populism challenge. Because, the discussion will delineate and compare the communication strategies of the different populist movements and their appeal to the masses. Participants will try to address the questions like “What concerns does the populist message respond to?”, “Is it a response to globalisation?”, “What are the implications of rising populism for the rules-based liberal international order?”

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