RDR “Citizens in the Internet Era”

Being a citizen in the Internet era means being aware that digitalization is an extraordinary opportunity, not something that should scare us. It is not even a phenomenon that we can take lightly, since it is sophisticated and complex. We need mature and aware individuals: people who have developed a culture in a broad sense and an affinity for digital technologies, allowing them to make the most of all the extraordinary possibilities offered to us, whether in the area of participation, democratic governance or accountability. This is a European or even global question, since it goes far beyond the borders of our national states and shapes many aspects of our lives. How can we embrace being a digital citizen?

NOTE to participants: Due to Chamber of Deputies Regulations, there is a dress code for men: jacket (tie is optional); everyone must bring valid IC/passport; every participant will be asked to walk through a metal detector and all items must go through an X-ray machine.

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