Project for Liberal Youth in the Western Balkans

The intended project seeks so strengthen the influence and participation of liberal youth on the western Balkans. The Centre Party International Foundation intends to replicate a capacity building program which was initiated in 2016, with the objective to enhance the capacity of liberal youth in the Western Balkans. Until date, the academy includes twenty-five participants from six countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Montenegro) and seven political parties (Nasa Stranka (BiH), Hrvatska Narodna Stranka (Croatia), Istarski Demokratski Sabor (Croatia), Liberalna Partija Crne Gore (Montenegro), Liberalna Demokratska Partija (Serbia), Nova Stranka (Serbia) Liberalno-Demokratska Partija (Macedonia), Alternativa (Kosovo). While the part of the programme that focuses on issues strictly related to the Western Balkans specificities is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), ELF wishes to enlarge this programme by funding a fourth component, that specifically target the relationship between the Western Balkans countries and the EU. This fourth part will take place in Brussels and will focus in particular of the following aspects:

• Capacity building of young Liberals through the enhancement of knowledge and skills specifically related to

I. political structure and systems in the European union,
II. institutional structures of the European parliament,
III. the history and influence of liberal parties within the European union structure,
IV. the entry requirements to join the EU and the relative status of countries in the western Balkans,
V. the ALDE party.

• Increasing dialogue exchange and strengthen regional networks amongst young liberals on the Western Balkan.

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