Liberal Leadership in the Age of AI – Game changer or Follower?

Within the past years, AI has become a buzz, to say the least. It’s edging its way into all parts of our lives – conferences around the world, frequent news in the media, and talks wherever. But that’s still not enough. It’s not enough until societies get a deep understanding on how to gain a competitive advantage by learning to use AI. Thus, again, we are gathering individuals, machine learning & AI professionals, scholars, and policymakers to a roundtable. We simply need to discuss until the blind spots are enlightened for the AI-powered future we’re facing. AI is still much unknown to us, and people tend to fear the unknown. Without a deep understanding for the field, policymakers cannot prepare relevant policies. Researchers in businesses cannot invent unless CEOs get it. How can we make sure that the unknown won’t prevent innovation? How do we keep societies curious of the benefits of AI? How to assess the economic impact of AI? When does policy-making become policing?

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