A Liberal European Leadership after 2019

As liberalism is challenged by populists and nationalists from both left and right, we will have to prepare ourselves thoroughly in order to safeguard liberal values across Europe. Therefore, we offer a unique opportunity to combine a high quality capacity-building training in how to present liberal values to citizens with the opportunity to build a strong network of liberals from across Europe.

There are two main aims of this event: 1) To equip top representatives from liberal parties across the European Union with concrete tools for putting forward the liberal message. This includes defining the core of the message and using social media in the most effective way. 2) To get to know top politicians or future politicians from other liberal parties around Europe, exchange best practices and ideas to create a strong, liberal network of top European politicians and staffers and foster closer ties between liberals. In total, we will gather representatives from around ten to fifteen parties coming from all over Europe.

When working together, we stand a better chance to counter populism and spread the liberal values across Europe.

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