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The European Liberal Forum (ELF) is the official think tank and political foundation of the European Liberal Party, the ALDE Party.
Together with 46 member organisations we work all over Europe to bring new ideas into the political debate, to provide a platform for discussion and to enable citizens to make their voices heard.

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Fear of the Future

People walking in unbearably hot climates, in search of the last few jobs that have not yet been taken by robots owned by the super-rich… This is the image of the future you get from listening to current discussions and…

Grounded: Beyond flygskam

Flygskam. This Swedish word translates as “flight shame” and has spread across the world. The term refers to feeling guilt over the environmental effects of flying and is symbolic to a movement in which an increasing amount of Swedes are…

Dance performance: “Still Stand”

“Still Stand” is a contemporary performance where the artists show social and ethical implications of digitalisation and make us think about our own reality. The artist focus on human values freedom, equality, fraternity and unity. This values seem to be…

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