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The European Liberal Forum (ELF) is the official think tank and political foundation of the European Liberal Party, the ALDE Party.
Together with 39 member organisations we work all over Europe to bring new ideas into the political debate, to provide a platform for discussion and to enable citizens to make their voices heard.

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ELF welcomes New Intern

We welcome a new intern to our team, Patricia Bachmaier. Patricia is from Madrid, Spain. She recently graduated from a European Union master programme and has studied a double bachelor in Communication and Journalism. She has lived in Madrid, Houston,…

Regional Academy for Liberalism

Regional Academy for Liberalism – Training of Trainers project strenghtens the capacity building capacities of organizations in Southeast and Central Europe by teaching local experts how to effectively share their knowledge within their organizations and beyond.

European Women Academy

European Women’s Academy of political leadership and campaigning is state-of-the-art training program for women to bring immediate result in the next coming election. After attending the academy women are inspired and enriched with knowledge tools to take the next step…

A Liberal European Leadership after 2019

As liberalism is challenged by populists and nationalists from both left and right, we will have to prepare ourselves thoroughly in order to safeguard liberal values across Europe. Therefore, we offer a unique opportunity to combine a high quality capacity-building…

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