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The European Liberal Forum (ELF) is the official think tank and political foundation of the European Liberal Party, the ALDE Party.
Together with 46 member organisations we work all over Europe to bring new ideas into the political debate, to provide a platform for discussion and to enable citizens to make their voices heard.

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AI in Defence: Regulating the Robots

Autonomy in Weapon Systems is not a new phenomenon. Some armed forces have been using it already for decades, for example in ship-mounted anti-missile systems. However, the recent progress in civilian research has driven innovation in the field of autonomous…

Planned Obsolescence – Built not to last

This report gives an overview of the concept of planned obsolescence and offers several examples of products and business practices which are affected by planned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence is directly linked to climate change as purposely designing products that stop…

8 Takeaways from the 40th ALDE Party Congress

The European Liberal Forum was present at the 40th ALDE Party Congress in Athens. We organised two sessions. Climate change and transatlantic relations were the topics discussed with distinguished speakers, including EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc, MEPs Martin Hojsik…

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