RDR @ Munich Security Conference - ELF activities on Security & Defence

Digital Security Duet: Making European Cyber Defences More Resilient Through PPPs

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A Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable organised by the European Liberal Forum
Munich Security Conference 2016
Friday, 12 February 2016, 16h30 – 17h30 (CET)


ELF activities on Security & Defence 

Amidst rising instability around Europe, security and defence are back in the centre of the political decision making. Over the past years, the European Liberal Forum (ELF) has developed a strong presence in these policy fields and it aims to build on its role as an agenda-setting organisation.  

Previously, ELF organised several activities on defence cooperation and Europe's role on the world stage. A visible part of this work was an event series on pooling & sharing and military cooperation in Europe. ELF initiated roundtables on these issues in Brussels, Vienna, The Hague, Tallinn, Prague and Rotterdam, to share knowledge between security and defence experts from EU member states. This series culminated in the ELF study “Reducing Political Risk in EU Pooling and Sharing”, which was published last year.  

Besides its efforts in the defence sphere, ELF and its members have undertaken a wide range of activities on security, terrorism, radicalisation and cyber security. This puts ELF in an ideal position to connect insights from different areas and cover new issues from an unconventional angle.  

The long term goal of ELF is to build a non-formal network of security experts from different backgrounds. Through this platform, a regular dialogue between experts and decision makers will take place. We also aim to make security policy more accessible for European citizens. As part of this, we are currently working on a strategy for the communication of security and defences issues to the general public. By doing so, we hope to promote more awareness and contribute to security on the European continent and abroad. To this end, ELF will organize the Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable Digital  Security  Duet:  Making  European  Cyber  Defences  More  Resilient  Through  PPPs at the Munich Security Conference 2016. 


Do you want to follow the event on Twitter? Follow @EurLiberalForum and join the debate using the #ELFevent hashtag. More information about the programme of MSC 2016 can be found on the MSC website.



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25. Jan 2016

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