Upcoming Events

  • 21. Jun – 24. Jun 2018

    Strengthening NGOs and Political Foundations: Communicating as Experts

    The event will focus on communication strategies in order to strengthen the capacity of ELF member organizations and to better prepare them for promoting and defending the core liberal values. The event aims to create a platform for dialogue with interested liberal minded individuals, to improve the communication strategies of the member organizations and to facilitate internal communication.
  • 30. Jun 2018

    Liberal Messages for Europe

    The aim of this project is to foster a dialogue to understand the expectations of liberal minded persons without party affiliation and find the relevant topics for liberal parties to position during the lection campaign and beyond. According to the suggestions of ALDE party, this project would enable entail a citizen’s dialogue series to support the drafting of election manifestos in Bulgaria and Romania
  • 15. Jul – 18. Jul 2018

    #Transatlantic Lab.The Policy network.

    United States
    The transatlantic bond between Europe and the US has been a key driver for progress, prosperity and peace throughout history. Although the recent developments in transatlantic relations have in many ways disillusioned both sides of the Atlantic, the solutions to our most pressing social and economic challenges require strong cooperation from both sides. To pursue this goal, #TransatlanticLab – The Policy Network brings together young political professionals and think tankers from both Europe and the US to work on issues of transatlantic relevance.
  • 24. Aug – 25. Aug 2018

    Progressive Liberal Policy Lab

    The Netherlands
    In the run-up to the 2019 EP elections, developing skills and knowledge to strengthen the understanding of the liberal philosophy – and to be able to communicate it effectively to the public - is increasingly important. To further that goal, 15 European Liberals share their insights, facilitated by 3 experts, in a Policy Lab with three interconnected topics: 1) the pillars of progressive liberalism 2) developing policies based on your parties philosophy 3) how to effectively communicate this to the public.

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