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  • 22. Jul – 24. Jul 2016

    Bologna, Copenhagen and Beyond: A European Strategy for Education

    Is there a truly European strategy for education? Will there be one? This ELF workshop aims at answering these questions by gathering representatives from political student organizations and other liberal activists involved in their student organizations. Join us in Brussels to discuss the future of European education programs as well as to enjoy some exchange of best practices and capacity building for Liberal activists in the student networks.

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  • 27. Jul 2016

    ELF Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable: Transatlantic Digitalisation: How Technology is changing our Societies

    United States
    Digitalisation is rapidly changing the way we live, the way we interact with each other and the way we organise our societies. This development will profoundly challenge established structures and practices that shape our daily lives. From online election campaigns to e-Government, and from an unprecedented access to information to new privacy dilemmas, digital technologies are here to stay and will require new ways of thinking about our future in a digital world. In this roundtable we will explore the parallels and differences in these developments between Europe and the US. What are the key developments and debates on either side of the Atlantic? What can we learn from each other? And how can we make digitalisation an engine for positive change?

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