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  • 12. Oct – 13. Oct 2016

    Stuck in the Middle with You: Transatlantic Security from Syria to Ukraine

    At the juncture of an ongoing conflict in Syria, porous borders on Europe’s outer fringe and continued instability in Ukraine, Europe is more unstable than ever since the end of the Cold War. The British June Referendum to exit the European Union adds fuel to the fire of uncertainty, especially when it comes to European defence cooperation and the EU defence component. Wedged between these ongoing challenges, NATO sceptics on either side of the Atlantic are running or will be running for elections in important allied countries such as the United States and later in Germany and France. Stuck in the middle of a world defined by crises, we take a transatlantic look at the challenges ahead and what can be done, from Brussels or Washington, to help navigate an increasingly unstable transatlantic security environment.

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  • 17. Oct – 22. Oct 2016

    Transatlantic Relations Matter - a dialogue programme for young political professionals

    Los Angeles/Las Vegas
    United States
    The aim of the programme is to foster greater understanding of the relationship between the European Union and the United States of America for young European political professionals. It is also an opportunity to get an exclusive insight in how the US electoral system works, and what campaigning in a general election looks like there. The policy analysis of these trips will focus on two main themes: 1) Trans-Atlantic Security and US commitment to its European NATO allies and 2) Trade between the two biggest markets it the world, and how digitalization will form the trans-Atlantic trade rules. The participants will therefore be a mixed group of professionals with experience in both fields, some from the think-thank world and some from party-politics.

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  • 21. Oct – 23. Oct 2016

    The Future of the EU Neighbourhood Policy

    The workshop will gather young liberals from across Europe. We intend to discuss the future of the EU Neighborhood Policy by bringing a mix of EU and non-EU nationals together, which will provide different perspectives to the table. Moreover, the seminar will also promote capacity building for the liberal activists, who are often individual members due to weak or non-existing liberal movements in their national states. The aim of the event is to define the liberal priorities regarding the Neighborhood policy in order to provide a roadmap for future efforts.

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