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  • 31. May 2017

    Possibilities and limitations of automatization for the job market

    The effects of technological progress on the labour market are diffuse and complex: on the one hand digitalisation is a driver of growth and job creation, on the other hand jobs will be replaced by automatization and rationalization. How will those two adverse forces affect the European labour market over the next decades? Which sectors will be most penetrated by technological shifts and which policies can act as remedies for possible negative implications?

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  • 01. Jun – 02. Jun 2017

    Liberal Academy

    European Liberal Forum and think tank Magma are proud to announce the second Liberal Academy for 2017. This module will examine EU-US relations.

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  • 02. Jun 2017

    For a secure and free Europe in the 21st Century

    Former NATO Secretary General Jaap De Hoop Scheffer recently said that “the EU took a geopolitical holiday after the fall of the wall.” This holiday is over. Russia is back. Russia creates frozen conflicts in the EU’s neighborhood and plays a disruptive role in Syria forcing the EU to reevaluate its Russia strategy. Russia’s behavior influences EU’s energy, migration and NATO policy. This European Liberal Forum (ELF) panel aims to share ideas offering a geopolitical perspective on keeping European citizens both free and secure.

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  • 08. Jun – 10. Jun 2017

    Persuading, Fast and Slow: Winning the Political Debate in Post-Truth Times

    Czech Republic
    Liberals all over Europe have tried to influence the narratives on such hot button issues as open borders, same-sex marriage, Brexit and TTIP. Why have some campaigns been more successful than others? Why have some elections been won and some have been lost? Which strategic steps are necessary for liberal parties and movements to win back the upper hand in such societal debates? How do we break down our policy proposals into easy-to-use arguments for day-to-day conversations? Bringing together liberal strategists, volunteer trainers, and campaigners, we will look at new ways of devising liberal campaign strategies and training Liberals on the ground to counter populist concepts.

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  • 14. Jun 2017

    Evaluating the political impact of liberal policy stance on the migration issue

  • 16. Jun – 18. Jun 2017

    Regional Academy for Liberalism in Southeast Europe: volunteers in grassroots campaign training


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