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  • 05. Sep – 06. Sep 2016

    Europe’s Energy – Energy Security and the Decarbonization of the Transport Sector

    The project is a follow up to the 2015 ELF project "Europe's Energy Future - energy security and climate targets". Europe is net importer of energy. This is particularly true for the transport sector, which largely depends on fossil fuels. Hence, this project and the Vienna workshop the focus is on the transport sector. What is the current state of affairs, what alternatives for increasing efficiency, alternative fuels and alternative transport systems are there, or will be developed in the future? The ELF project is approaching its final stage. The focus of this seminar will be the presentation of the draft country reports and the conclusions from the country reports.

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  • 09. Sep 2016

    ELF Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable: Liberal Realpolitik

    In International Relations Theory liberalism is often presented as opposed to realism. Is Realpolitik really incompatible with liberalism? This RDR explores how to combine a realistic – and thus effective – foreign policy with upholding and spreading liberal values as they are embodied in liberal political philosophy. In this RDR policiticians and academic experts meet and discuss the topic.

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  • 09. Sep – 11. Sep 2016

    Leading for Liberalism - Leadership Academy

    This seminar will gather presidents and vice-presidents of European liberal youth organizations. The participants will be able to share their experiences of leading a youth organization and receive training in topics such as organizational management and electoral campaigning. Current issues such as Brexit, the refugee crisis and European security will also be touched upon in a presidents’ roundtable.

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