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  • 11. Mar 2017

    Liberalism in Portugal - Succeeding in Trasmitting the Liberal Message

    The presence of Liberal forces in Portugal throughout the Second Republic (1976-...) has been unstable at best. Very recently, new forces have been starting their activities, looking towards the creation of political parties before the European Elections of 2019. In this event we will approach the multiple elements to keep in mind when creating and managing a political party, within a small discussion group gathering participants from all relevant political groups in Portugal and with inputs from members of fellow Liberal parties across Europe. This is a closed event for members from MLS and from organisations that identify themselves with the European Liberal family and aspire to join ALDE Party.

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  • 12. Mar 2017

    Digital Technologies in the Service of the Community: E-format of Local Democracy

  • 12. Mar 2017

    Choking Europe. Is common action plan against air pollution possible?

  • 20. Mar 2017

    Comparative Perspectives on Refugee Integration Policy

    The Hague
    What does it mean to be new in Europe, as a refugee, as someone who has to make a new beginning with work, school, housing in an often completely different setting? How can societies ensure that newcomers have a decent chance of making a good start and of actively participating in their new environment? With this roundtable, the Van Mierlo Stichting seeks to learn from dilemmas, challenges and best practices of integration policies in Europe. With speakers from sister organizations across Europe we will explore the absolute necessities for refugee integration, and how best to facilitate this. We will talk about what should be included in terms of access to education, labor market and orientation on society (language, customs, history etc). And we will talk about who should – and can – best do what. Where lies the responsibility of the state, the municipality, the refugee, local communities and companies? Finally, as an underlying theme, we will look at how to strengthen public support for refugee integration. What kind of vision does this require and what tangible policies should be developed? How can we make sure that integration policies not only benefit the individual refugee, but society at large?

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  • 30. Mar 2017

    International Security, Safety and Cybersecurity

    Czech Republic
    The Institute for Politics and Society is holding a roundtable breakfast on International Security, Safety and Cybersecurity. Lior Tabansky, a PhD candidate in Cybersecurity at Tel Aviv University’s Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, will discuss internet safety and security in our world today. An additional speaker is to be announced. More and more activities are shifting from the physical sphere to cyberspace, and hand in hand with this phenomenon the threat of cyber attacks in the world is increasing. Cyber attacks were carried out very precisely in order to gain secret information and to share propaganda. As we know from Russia, ISIS, and the question of cyberspace security has come to the fore. What kind of steps should the government take to improve their cyber security? How should cyber security be maintained? How should the balance between freedom of internet access and assurance of cyber safety be maintained? The roundtable will be held on March 30, 2017 from 8:30 to 10:00 am at Bellevue Restaurant (Smetanovo Nábř. 18, Prague). The debate will be moderated by Jan Klesla, Economics editor for Lidové noviny. Session topics: International Security, Safety and Cybersecurity.
  • 31. Mar – 02. Apr 2017

    Skill Camp


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