Regional Academy for Liberalism in Southeast Europe: volunteers in grassroots campaign training

16. Jun – 18. Jun 2017
Sarajevo, Bosnia
The programme of activities is aimed at training of trainers. Potential trainers include trainers, speakers and moderators in their respective fields of political work, who will be able to share their knowledge within their party organizations, foundations as well as participate in events in the region and beyond. In this regard, the Regional Academy programme will seek to empower local leaders and local organizations, enabling them to actively participate in their own training programmes.

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    The second event of the Regional Academy for Liberalism in Southeast Europe in 2017 was co-moderated by Angele Welting, head of party affairs at D66 and Lennart Salemink, international trainer of VVD and chief advisor to the minister of construction.  

    On Friday, trainers began the event with a round of introductions and energizer exercises. Afterwards, they explained and set the scenario for the weekend, explaining that participants will be asked to pitch and implement a training programme for fictional party, Pizza Party coming from the Banana Republic.    

    On Saturday, participants were given their first assignment. They had to pitch an idea of training programme to the party board of the Pizza Party, simulating how they would be expected to convince their own party leaders on the benefit of trainings. Following the exercise, Angele Welting presented the organizational structure of D66 and the various training programmes in the party. She explained that trainings are obligatory and require a small admission fee. Trainings are attended by all party members, from party leaders to new members. After the theoretical lecture, trainers gave the participants examples of trainings they could perform within their own parties. As a last assignment of the day, groups of participants were asked to develop a thirty-minute training programme on Sunday.

    On Sunday, 4 groups gave trainings to their colleagues on debating, public speaking, liberalism and campaigning. Before the end of the training, participants were given assignments- to deliver their own training in the next 6 months. Completing the assignment is a prerequisite for participating in the Masterclass programme which is to take place in Amsterdam on the fringes of the ALDE Congress.

    Participants: 14 participants from liberal parties and political foundations who want to become trainers in the SEE region. 2 moderators/ trainers (Angele Welting, D66, Lennart Salemink, VVD), 3 organizers (Martine van Schoor, D66, Anika Snel, HvS / VVD International, Goran Neralić, IEC) and 2 guests (Anastasiia Pravedna, ELF, Andrew Burgess, ALDE Party)

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