Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable: Fostering the Successful Integration of Syrian Refugees in Europe and Turkey

26. Sep 2017
Brussels, Belgium
Migration to the economic centres of Europe is a well-known societal challenge since almost 60 years. European societies and state structures had to develop strategies of integration and receptiveness of migrants. In recent years, however, Turkey had to learn as well how to cope with the influx of approx. 3 mill. refugees and migrants, predominantly coming from civil war-stricken Syria. As much as societies in Europe, Turkey had to except the fact that those who came will not be “guests”, but (potentially) future citizens of Turkey. Integration strategies have to be developed. Society and state institutions have to be prepared for a situation unknown to Turkey and its citizens so far. Things are certainly far from perfect for refugees in Turkey. They face with various legal and socio-economic problems. Moreover, refugees are regularly used by the AKP government as a political leverage against the EU. Having said that, Turkey is certainly a unique country in terms of refugees and there are many good practices and expertise as well. With this event we aim to exchange the good practices and expertise of Turkey and EU which can be useful for the integration of Syrian refugees.

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