Fighting fences - Fighting populists

22. Jun 2017
Brussels, Belgium
The latest general election in the Netherlands proved that the illiberal, populist wave is not unstoppable. Liberal parties can gain popular support; however, electoral responsiveness seems to be critical. Liberal parties should reflect upon the very real concerns of their constituencies. Although it does not mean, that they should turn away from the protection of human rights and from the idea of an inclusive society. The liberal challenge is to guarantee the security, to mitigate anxiety in Europe while preserving the boons of liberal politics. The workshop is the final event of the project ‘Evaluating the political impact of liberal policy stance on migration issue’. The aim of the event is the general evaluation of the Budapest and Prague conferences. We would like to discuss the experiences, the most important conference takeaways and the possible policy implementations with the participants. Moreover, the event is an opportunity to draw up a framework of future liberal strategies concerning illiberalism and populism.
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