The European Liberal Forum in a nutshell

What is the European Liberal Forum?

The European Liberal Forum (ELF) is the foundation of the European Liberal Democrats, the ALDE Party. A core aspect of our work consists in issuing publications on Liberalism and European public policy issues. We also provide a space for the discussion of European politics, and offer training for liberal-minded citizens. Our aim is to promote active citizenship in all of this.

Our foundation is made up of a number of European think tanks, political foundations and institutes. The diversity of our membership provides us with a wealth of knowledge and is a constant source of innovation. In turn, we provide our members with the opportunity to cooperate on European projects under the ELF umbrella. 

We work throughout Europe as well as in the EU Neighbourhood countries. The youthful and dynamic nature of ELF allows us to be at the forefront in promoting active citizenship, getting the citizen involved with European issues and building an open, Liberal Europe.

How to become an ELF member organisation?

Membership of the foundation is open to those think tanks, national political foundations and institutes that promote liberal, democratic ideals and values.

Applications for membership shall be sent to the Board of Directors.

Interested in knowing more?

You can find here more information about ELF, its members and its activities. If you wish to learn more about our Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtables, please follow this link.

Our members