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Smart Urban Agenda

Katowice and Warsaw were the two stops of ELF event "Smart Urban Agenda", supported by Projekt:Polska. Participants discussed how to manage a city’s assets. To find out more, click here.

Digitalising Democracy: e-Democracy and e-Participation

On 28 November ELF launched its latest publication "e-Democracy and e-Participation" in the European Parliament, supported by FNF Southeast Europe. Read the event report here

New Economic Models

What will the economy of the future look like? This publication bundles contributions by six ELF members to explore new economic models. The findings will be presented in a plenary session at the ALDE Party Congress in Amsterdam.

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Interview with Mattias Goldmann

CEO of Fores, Mattias Goldmann is a passionate environmental activist and advocates for a greener Europe. We sat down with him and asked him about his past and future plans. 

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17. Oct 2017 by Intern

The Future of the European Union

Promoting Rule of Law in Europe

Liberal Solutions for the European Economy


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