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For a Free and Secure Europe in the 21st Century

On 20 September, ELF, with the support of VVD International, hosted a debate in Warsaw on Russia's impact on EU policy. More here

RDR: Liberalism in Southern Europe

On 17 September, ELF was in Athens to discuss ways forward for young liberals in southern Europe. More here

Cutting Through The Maze - Populism For Dummies

From 8 to 10 September, ELF hosted an event with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Sofia, Bulgaria, to identify how best to counter populist movements. More here

Latest News

Member of the Month: Friedrich Naumann Foundation

We caught up with the director of Friedrich Naumann Foundation Europe, Hans Stein to discuss populism, the upcoming German federal elections and FNF's planned activities for 2017. 

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01. Sep 2017 by Intern

Interview with Kristin Jacobsson

Kristin Jacobsson, political advisor for Sweden's Centre Party and participant at ELF's #TransatlanticLab, shares her perspective on ns-Atlantic relations, European security and Sweden's approach to defence issues. 

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01. Sep 2017 by Intern

Member of the Month: Zavod14

We sat down with Dr. Aleksander Aristovnik, Zavod 14’s director, and asked him about their work, their cooperation with the Slovenian SMC Party and future activities. 

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30. May 2017 by Intern

The Future of the European Union

Promoting Rule of Law in Europe

Liberal Solutions for the European Economy


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